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Windows 7 RC1 initial thoughts

Well, since I left my charger at work last week (GRR) and wasn’t able to install it when it was first available, I’m probably about a week (or so) behind.

However, I have been using it all day now, and do have some observations.

Firstly, I’m glad MS fixed the RDP client


The new one looks slick and works well. It even remembers a history of connected servers, and gives you them listed when you mouse over (in the Start menu) or right click (on the Taskbar)

Graphically, it looks just a little nicer also. I can’t put my finger on it, but its just that little more polished.

However, I do have one bugbear. It feels slower. It may be me (or the fact that it seems to be indexing my laptop as we speak), but there is less memory available currently than in the beta, and I have about the same amount of application’s open.

I’ll persevere and post back any unusual findings 🙂

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