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Bug in Windows 7 RC1?

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Having some issues recently with my RC1 laptop;


Whenever I try to open a program that has at some time accessed a network resource on my AD domain, my laptop hangs and I have to hard reboot 😦


I will install RTM over the weekend and see if it persists 🙂

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Email Size Limits in Exchange 2007

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

There are four places where Message size is set in Exchange – in 2003, these were all in the gui, in 2007 three are powershell (although MS supposedly are adding it back in) and one has no admin tool at all – you get to use ADSI Edit to set it in the "raw" Active Directory. You must however set the parameters in all four places to the same value – the *lowest* of all four is used, as each is applied to the message in turn to decide if it should be rejected.

So, from the top:

Global setting:


The system wide default is held in Active Directory and is set to 10MB by default (this is 10240 K, the setting is just a number but is in K)

Using ADSI Edit, navigate to:

CN=Configuration, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Domain Name,CN=Global Settings,CN=Message Delivery.

Hit the properties on the Message Delivery object and the attributes you want are:

msExchRecipLimit (default 5000)

submissionContLength (default 10240)

delivContLength (default 10240)

However in SP1 these are not set, and you must use PowerShell to set them;


Transport Setting


Site Default is set in powershell; use Get-TransportConfig to get current settings, then:

Set-TransportConfig -MaxRecipientEnvelopeLimit <nn> -MaxReceiveSize <nn>MB -MaxSendSize <nn>MB

current setting:

Set-TransportConfig -MaxRecipientEnvelopeLimit 5000 -MaxReceiveSize 20MB -MaxSendSize 20MB

Receive and Send Connectors


Again, we use Powershell. First to list the connectors, you can use the two following commands:



you can get detailed information (including the current settings) by using the Format-List pipe:

Get-ReceiveConnector | Format-List

Get-SendConnector | Format-List

Now, for EACH connector you need to modify, use the following:

Set-ReceiveConnector "<connector name>" -MaxMessageSize <nn>MB


Set-SendConnector "<connector name>" -MaxMessageSize <nn>MB


get-recieveconnector | set-recieveconnector –MaxMessageSize <nn>MB