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Office 2010 First Thoughts….

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment

I like it.


A lot.


Aside from;


Pointing the new “Social” side of Outlook 2010 at SharePoint 2007 SP2 tells me that “The server version is not supported”.


Why not Microsoft?


I would presume that either;

a) there will be a post-Office 2010 patch for SharePoint 2k7 to make it “supported”

b) Office 2010 users will have to use SharePoint 2010 to integrate into Outlook. Which is a real shame.


Aside from that, thumbs up from me to Microsoft. Only on Beta2 but I like it and cannot wait for RTM (whenever that is!)




Still doesn’t work with our SharePoint 2007 farm in the Public Beta, however the SharePoint Workspace application (which is new) points that it is only supported in SharePoint 2010 – which now has a public beta.

Still a shame, I wanted to test both features but don’t have an SharePoint 2010 server to point at… Yet.

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