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Sharepoint 2007 and 2010 “issue”

Not a bug, but never knew this,…

if you have a SharePoint based site that is configured to recycle the application pool it depends on everynight (the default behaviour), the first site access for that app pool will have a 30-120 second delay on it (or more).

This isn’t a “bug” as its simply compiling, caching, etc… on the server after the recycle (or iisreset).

Manual recycles/resets can’t be resolved – however there is a way to “wake up” the site every night after the daily recycle has happened.


is a little exe that basically “opens” the sites for the first time – it basically becomes the “first user” that suffers the delay. After that, loading times will be rediculously fast 🙂 – schedule this to run each night @ 4/5am and voila – fast intranet at 9am 😛

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