Remove Disabled mailbox

Quick one – a little PowerShell to remove a user who you have Disabled.

Get-MailboxStatistics –Database DATABSE| where {$_.DisplayName -eq "Users Name"} | foreach {Remove-StoreMailbox -Database $_.Database -Identity $_.mailboxguid -MailboxState Disabled}


Note, this could be changed to the following;

Get-MailboxStatistics –Database DATABSE| where {$_.DisconnectedReason -eq "Disabled"} | foreach {Remove-StoreMailbox -Database $_.Database -Identity $_.mailboxguid -MailboxState Disabled}


Which *should* remove all Disabled mailboxes in the DATABASE specified (I haven’t tested this, only the single user one (I also only tested in 2010 – but the same premise should stick for 2007 too))

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