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2003 SBS, New Users, and Recovery Storage Groups.

September 17, 2008 Leave a comment

Come across a semi-interesting “bug” / “feature” this morning in Server 2003 SBS. Old product, I know, but meh who cares.

If you create a new user with the SBS Wizard, whilst you have a Recovery Storage Group configured (even if it is offline), it will default to creating (or attempting to as you will see) the users Exchange box on that SG.

As you try to login as the new user, you will obviously get “unable to access mail folder”, as the SG is (or should) be offline. Viewing the User properties will also show that they are in fact stored in the RSG rather than your First Storage Group.

Fix is easy enough, and comes in two flavours. Hardcore or Wussy.

Wussy Fix

Remove the user you just created. Remove the RSG. Re-create the user. Check s/he is on the FSG. Voila.

Hardcore Fix

Open up ADSI Edit.
Locate the user object, then locate the homeMDB string. Edit, and replace;

Recovery Storage Group


First Storage Group

Save, exit, and re-login as user. (Then go delete your RSG).

Personally I prefer the latter, as I always like to ADSI M$’s “features”

Later all.