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Bluescreen when saving to Shares with symbolic links (wide links) on a NetApp with Kaspersky installed

July 6, 2011 Leave a comment


Phew, what a title!


Had a customer recently who I was working with on doing a Netware –> NetApp CIFS migration utilising the Quest NDS tools.


All was working fine until one unlucky user attempted a save to a “Volume” share, they received a BSOD (repeatedly if they attempted again).


Now, to explain the NetApp CIFS configuration a little before ploughing on;


There are three shares created on the new NetApp;


VOL1 contains symbolic links (wide links) to SHARE1 and SHARE2 to allow historic applications looking for \\SERVER\VOL1\SHARE1\FILE1.EXT to function.


The customer was also mid-AV upgrade – from McAfee to Kaspersky.


When a Kaspersky-running client attempted to save (via Office for example) they received a BSOD with the header RDR_FILE_SYSTEM (27). A Bug check analysis didn’t give me any more info (aside from an “Access Violation” error further down).


Testing was done with different XP SP/Office levels before we turned to the AV – and sure enough it looked to be Kaspersky.


Kaspersky replied to the support email sent very promptly – outlining this was a known bug in XP/2003 but Microsoft had only released a patch for Server 2003. However they had their own patch – which seemed to resolve the issue. I believe it to be a private release patch at the moment – however they have said it will be written into the next point release Smile


Hope that helps someone anyway Smile


Disabling Password Sync on Novell Client from VBS

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Public Function DisableSync
Const KEYPATH = “Software\Novell\Network Provider\Netware Utilities”
Const KEYNAME = “ShowNTConnectionsInChangePasswordList”
End Function

Now call “DisableSync” from the top of the script and it should disable the ability to change the AD password from within the novell gina’s Ctrl+Alt+Del (required if you have IDM)

Viewing Exchange logs from a Workstation

September 24, 2008 Leave a comment

Customer emails through their Exchange event logs, and you need to read through them.

You *could* move them onto your Exchange box and view them there, but what if you couldnt access the box? What if it was a different version? What if you didn’t want to?


You can view other log types by using the /auxsource flag. Handy 🙂

Windows XP sp2 / Folder Redirection Policies and Internet Explorer Maintenance Policies (phew)

September 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Found an interesting bug regarding XP2 and Group Policies.

When you apply a Internet Explorer policy to a XP SP2 machine, it only works first time. Any subsequent updates to the policy forces it to actually receive “nothing” via GPO. has the fix, but you have to request it.

Also believe that after applying the fix (and the registry fix also) you need to clear out any local profiles stored on the machines.

Fun fun fun 🙂