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Ding! (100 posts)

April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

I just realised that this is post 101 – meaning I have passed the 100 post count!




Ok, time to move this thing forward – I need regular posts (I know) and weekly summaries of anything that’s a bit more. I’m still thinking of how to achieve this, so watch this space Smile


In the meantime, another cloud (I like the source site, may even find some way to add this in regularly)



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My Cloud!!!

April 1, 2011 Leave a comment


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Blog Change

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok so part 2 of my x-part plan to bring people a better blog is about to take place;


What I propose is rather than the random spew of updates I now place in (i.e. as and when I find them), I will attempt main updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday consistently…


Obviously any “bug”-type findings I will try to post immediately, however the regular posts will attempt to be more “informational” rather than “immediate” posts 🙂


Give me a week or two to start collating together, and we shall see if it works!



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Well its that time of year again…

December 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Christmas is over – and the New Year is approaching.

What will the next 12 months, or the next decade bring us? Flying Cars? Horses that poo gold?

Seriously, what it will bring is more updates. As I promise you, faithful readers, that I will post more in the NY in the hope that you guys come back and read regularly!

So have a good NYE, and a happy 2010 morning – hope the hangovers dont hit you too bad!!!

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New Theme

April 28, 2009 Leave a comment

As I have not yet decided on what theme looks good, I am trying another one.

*sigh* one day, one day…..

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Exchange 2010 OWA Admin???

April 23, 2009 Leave a comment


Now I need to finish my 2010 install pronto. Looks fabulous.


More info to come 😉

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Compact those Outlook Inboxes

April 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Ewan @ The Electric Wand has posted up a fantastic-looking piece of software called “Thread Compressor”.

The basics are simple. It scans your Outlook folders and looks for email that is “threaded” (that is email you have recieved then replied and then recieved further correspondence for. Because these emails are basically duplicated information, it “cleans up” and removes any unnessecary emails that it considers un-needed.

My explanation is pants in terms of how decent it looks, however let me give an example.

Bob emails Anne saying “Hi, fancy lunch”.

Anne emails back saying “Not today, how about tomorrow?”

Bob replies saying “Sure, Tomorrow is ok. Give me a call.”

Anne replies “Ok, speak to you then”.

Because everytime Bob or Anne has replied, their previous email’s are included, Thread Compressor will clean this up so that all Bob (and Anne) ends up with is the latest email from this transcript, deleting the rest away.

It is to be used with caution (as the website suggests), and I will probably give it a blast on a less-important mailbox before I hit the monster that is my main inbox, but I thought I would stick it up 🙂


Later 🙂

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