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Static ARP on a Juniper EX4200

February 15, 2011 Leave a comment

Had a requirement from a customer to add in a static ARP address for a Exchange 2010 Cas Array (Multicast NLB) I had put in.


A bit (read:lot) of digging got me to the following;


set interfaces vlan.100 family inet address arp multicast-mac 03:bf:0a:01:1f:06</DIV< div>


Where vlan.100 is the vlan ID, family inet address the “Default Gateway” for that VLAN, is the NLB address and 03:bf:0a… is the MAC address of the NLB.


You can find this by opening the NLB configuration tool and selecting properties on any node, and selecting “Cluster Parameters” 🙂