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Migrating ACD from US to EU – CloudHQ to the rescue!

November 24, 2016 Leave a comment

So recently I have been faced with the task of migrating 32Tb of data from Amazons’ Cloud Drive US to their UK Counterpart.

I reached out to Amazon to see if they could facilitate moving the data across, but alas they have no way to replicate data between services!

I considered using my Dedicated server and Rclone, but the 32Tb of data is itself an issue then – Rclone cant do server-side copying because they are technically two different services so it would have to pass 32Tb of data through my Dedicated – which goes against the 30Tb upload limit per month I am restricted to.

So I set about looking at other methods and decided to look at a website-based sync option.

Enter CloudHQ.

Now, I used to use CloudHQ to sync my Google Drive into a folder in my Dropbox (I would put files in Google Drive, let them sync and then let my Ubuntu server drag them out of my Dropbox and repeat as necessary) so I figured why not look to them to see whether I can do this.

Within minutes I had an initial sync going and data traversing over to ACD EU from my US account! Initial sync should take a week or so (and they will email me when its complete), after which I suspect a delta will be made of any changes I make to the US drive in the meantime. Once complete I can take down anything relying on my acd_cli mount, reconfigure and remount in the EU! Perfect!

So, check out ( if you are needing to migrate your ACD US to EU account!


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