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Bluescreen when saving to Shares with symbolic links (wide links) on a NetApp with Kaspersky installed

July 6, 2011 Leave a comment


Phew, what a title!


Had a customer recently who I was working with on doing a Netware –> NetApp CIFS migration utilising the Quest NDS tools.


All was working fine until one unlucky user attempted a save to a “Volume” share, they received a BSOD (repeatedly if they attempted again).


Now, to explain the NetApp CIFS configuration a little before ploughing on;


There are three shares created on the new NetApp;


VOL1 contains symbolic links (wide links) to SHARE1 and SHARE2 to allow historic applications looking for \\SERVER\VOL1\SHARE1\FILE1.EXT to function.


The customer was also mid-AV upgrade – from McAfee to Kaspersky.


When a Kaspersky-running client attempted to save (via Office for example) they received a BSOD with the header RDR_FILE_SYSTEM (27). A Bug check analysis didn’t give me any more info (aside from an “Access Violation” error further down).


Testing was done with different XP SP/Office levels before we turned to the AV – and sure enough it looked to be Kaspersky.


Kaspersky replied to the support email sent very promptly – outlining this was a known bug in XP/2003 but Microsoft had only released a patch for Server 2003. However they had their own patch – which seemed to resolve the issue. I believe it to be a private release patch at the moment – however they have said it will be written into the next point release Smile


Hope that helps someone anyway Smile


NetApp SnapDrive and creating MSCS LUN’s

January 29, 2010 2 comments

When creating a LUN for a new MSCS, here is the methodology;


  1. Create the Volume (and Qtree if required)
  2. Create the LUN from one potential node.
  3. Create a new cluster and add all nodes (failing to do so will not allow you to add the LUN’s with the following err0r;)
  4. Connect the disk and voila! (All additional disks can be created now the Cluster is up)

Configuring a NetApp disk via SnapDrive – LUN Path and Name settings

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment


Just a quickie to remind myself of some NetApp settings 🙂


LUN Path = qtree object path (click through)

LUN Name = volume name.lun


Ciao! 🙂

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Installing MSA2000 MPIO drivers under Hyper-V R2 Standalone

November 26, 2009 Leave a comment

This caused me a few headaches the other night.


Start off by enabling MPIO support from the command line – “start /w ocsetup MultipathIo” does the trick;


Next run up the MPIO control panel applet – simply “MPIOCPL” from command prompt


On the subsequent window, browse to “DSM Install” and type the path to your hp MPIO driver file. Then click install. It will prompt you to reboot, do so.


Run a disk scan and you will see MPIO isn’t working yet. *sigh* back into MPIOCPL, and go to “Discover Multi-Paths” – you will see a new device here now (that wasn’t there before);

imageClick the Device Hardware Id and click “Add”. Again, reboot when prompted and run a re-scan when the server is back up – and voila you should have MPIO presented LUN’s!!!