Migrating ACD from US to EU – CloudHQ to the rescue!

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So recently I have been faced with the task of migrating 32Tb of data from Amazons’ Cloud Drive US to their UK Counterpart.

I reached out to Amazon to see if they could facilitate moving the data across, but alas they have no way to replicate data between services!

I considered using my Dedicated server and Rclone, but the 32Tb of data is itself an issue then – Rclone cant do server-side copying because they are technically two different services so it would have to pass 32Tb of data through my Dedicated – which goes against the 30Tb upload limit per month I am restricted to.

So I set about looking at other methods and decided to look at a website-based sync option.

Enter CloudHQ.

Now, I used to use CloudHQ to sync my Google Drive into a folder in my Dropbox (I would put files in Google Drive, let them sync and then let my Ubuntu server drag them out of my Dropbox and repeat as necessary) so I figured why not look to them to see whether I can do this.

Within minutes I had an initial sync going and data traversing over to ACD EU from my US account! Initial sync should take a week or so (and they will email me when its complete), after which I suspect a delta will be made of any changes I make to the US drive in the meantime. Once complete I can take down anything relying on my acd_cli mount, reconfigure and remount in the EU! Perfect!

So, check out cloudhq.net (https://www.cloudhq.net) if you are needing to migrate your ACD US to EU account!


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DsReplicaGetInfo() failed with status 8453 (0x2105)

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Quick one – if you get the below error when doing a “repadmin /showreps”;




Make sure you are running Command as an Administrator!

VMware, UAG, DirectAccess pt2

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Hallo again Smile


Had some rather nifty issues with a DirectAccess array the other week – so I thought I would return here and blog it! Smile


In short, everything was working fine apart from one very small part – “Manage Out” via IPHTTPS tunnel wasn’t functioning.


In short, clients were connecting the IPHTTPS tunnel before the Teredo was up. Whilst IPHTTPS is connected it will be preferred over Teredo (or 6to4) and disconnects after a random amount of time.

Clients could route traffic down here – so connecting to Intranet services was fine. Tunnel was up on both parts (Intranet/Infrastructure) and everything worked fine apart from “Manage Out”. Routes all fine, Windows Firewall (client-side) all fine.


Queue some hair tearing etc etc.


Raised a call with MS eventually – and in short its VMware causing the issue.


To quote MS (slightly edited to make sense outside of the Email trail);


We have had similar cases before where VMWare template provisioning was used for the UAG hosts, and can confirm that the problem was down to the template creating duplicate adapters that would affect tunnel bindings when configuring UAG DA. And the solution was to rebuild using standard media which completely addressed the issue.


Ouch. Oh well, rebuild we must (I’ll update once they are done!)


Had some other interesting information too regarding VMware, Unicast and DA NLB. I’ll update my original post here

Script to automatically assign Archive users to a retention policy

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Quick script that will assign all archive users (i.e. people with an Exchange archive) to a retention policy (that you have created to archive email, obviously). Then runs a “start-managedfolderassistant” to apply.


Obviously “Move after 90 days” is the retention policy name. Tested with 2010 SP1.




$mailboxes = get-mailbox | where-Object ({$_.ArchiveDatabase -ne $null})

$mailboxes | foreach-object {

if ($_.RetentionPolicy -eq "Move after 90 days") {

write-output ("User " + $_.Name + " already assigned, skipping")


else {

set-mailbox $_ -RetentionPolicy "Move after 90 days"

write-output ("User " + $_.Name + " set correctly")



write-output "Users assigned, starting Managed Folder Assistant"

get-mailbox | Where-Object ({$_.ArchiveDatabase -ne $null}) | start-managedfolderassistant

Retention Policies not applying? Update them then!

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When applying a new Retention Policy (or tag) in Exchange 2010 SP1 you may wonder why it doesn’t apply immediately.


In short, Exchange is configured by default to cycle all mailboxes in a 24 hour period. This can be seen (and therefore changed) by looking at the “ManagedFolderWorkCycle” attribute against each Mailbox Server;


get-mailboxserver | select-object Name,ManagedFolderWorkCycle


(obviously, set-mailboxserver to set it – though I believe it only takes day’s as its input value)


If this isn’t good enough – then you can force this on an individual mailbox (or all if you wanted) using the command;


start-managedfolderassistant USERID


(or get-mailbox | start-managedfolderassistant for all)


Happy PowerShelling Smile

Powershell Command to find component version for Lync and OCS

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Exchange 2010 RU4 v2 now live

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